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Version: 2.0

Start a scheduler for new tenant

Connect to console#

$ ssh [email protected]Warning: Permanently added '192.168.1.x' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.Password:

To create an scheduler, please run the following command:#

CLI: iaas > backup > start_scheduler

controller> iaascontroller:iaas> backupcontroller:backup> start_scheduler

Select domain - default#

Select domain:1: defaultEnter index: 1

Select a tenant#

Select tenant:1: admin2: bigstackEnter index: 2

Select an user#

Select user:1: admin2: bigstackEnter index: 2Input user password: PASSWORDbackup scheduler for domain: default, tenant: bigstack, and user: bigstack has been started

Check the scheduler#

controller:iaas> list_scheduler+------------+------------+------------+------------+| node       | domain     | tenant     | user       |+------------+------------+------------+------------+| controller | default    | admin      | admin      || controller | default    | bigstack   | admin      |+------------+------------+------------+------------+
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