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Version: 2.0

Create Storage Class with Ceph backend

Connect to controller#

$ ssh [email protected]Welcome to the Cube ApplianceEnter "help" for a list of available commands

run kubernetes > storage_create#

sky2> kubernetes sky2:kubernetes> storage_create1: ubuntu2: k8s3: baremetalEnter index: 3{"level":"info","timestamp":"2020-11-03T15:34:58+08:00","msg":"Ceph storage class created"}

Go to your cluster and check up the Storage class#


Select Storage Class from Storage's dropdown menu#


a Ceph RBD storage class has been created#


Click on Default project under cluster - baremetal#


on the volumes tab and click on Add Volume#


Create a Volume Claim#


A new Persistent Volume Claim has been created#


Create a workload using PV/PVC#

apiVersion: v1kind: Podmetadata:  name: my-ceph-pv-podspec:  volumes:    - name: my-ceph-pv-storage      persistentVolumeClaim:        claimName: my-ceph-volume  containers:    - name: task-pv-container      image: nginx      ports:        - containerPort: 80          name: "http-server"      volumeMounts:        - mountPath: "/usr/share/nginx/html"          name: my-ceph-pv-storage

Enter your workload shell and check up#


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