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Version: 2.0

Deploy Kubernetes on Compute node (HCI)

Create a new Cluster - Add Cluster#


Select Cluster type - Custom#


Create Cluster#

  • Cluster name


Edit Kubernetes Options - Custom#


Click Done#


Prepare Compute node#

SummaryPassword has not been modified.Host name: com1IF.1    IPv4 Mode:  Manual    IPv4 Address:    IPv4 Netmask:    IPv6 Mode:  AutomaticIF.2    Interface disabledIF.3    Interface disabledIF.4    Default interface.    IPv4 Mode:  Manual    IPv4 Address:    IPv4 Netmask:    IPv4 Gateway:    IPv6 Mode:  AutomaticIF.5    Interface disabledIF.6    Interface disabledIF.7    Interface disabledDNS server 1: Zone: Asia/TaipeiDate: 11/02/2020Time: 20:51:11Role: computeController: CONTROLLER( IP/Domain: N/AManagement: IF.4Provider: IF.4Overlay: IF.4Storage: IF.4Domain/Region: default/RegionOneCube Secret Seed: skyyyHigh Availability: disabled1: Accept the configuration2: Cancel the configuration3: Modify the configuration
Select option: 1Applying policy changes.[15795.310527] igb 0000:01:00.0: Cannot change link characteristics when SoL/IDER is active.Policy changes were successfully applied.Welcome to the Cube ApplianceEnter "help" for a list of available commandscom1>

Connect to controller#

❯ ssh [email protected]Warning: Permanently added '' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.Password:Welcome to the Cube ApplianceEnter "help" for a list of available commandsCONTROLLER> 

Add the compute node to ranchers#

CONTROLLER> kubernetesCONTROLLER:kubernetes> node_add1: ubuntu2: k8s3: baremetalEnter index: 3Node(s) name to add to this cluster: com1Specify roles for these nodes (--all, --etcd, --controlplane, --worker): --all

Go back to rancher, provision is started#


Switch to project baremetal#


Click Import YAML#


Create a sample workload#


Wait for the workload become active#


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