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Version: 2.0

Create a Load Balancer


  • upload amphora-x64-haproxy-train.qcow2 to /var/support or usb drive
  • import with cli lb_import
    HOSTNAME> imageHOSTNAME:image> lb_import1: usb2: localEnter index: 21: amphora-x64-haproxy-train.qcow2

Create a new load balancer to your network#

/assets/network/lb-01-create-1.png /assets/network/lb-01-create-2.png

Create a listener type http - 80#


Create a pool#


[Optional] Add VM as members of pool#


Create Health monitor type#


Associate Floating IP#

/assets/network/lb-04-fip-1.png /assets/network/lb-06-fip-1.png

Access your website with Floating IP#

/assets/network/lb-07-fip-1.png /assets/network/lb-08-fip-1.png

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