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Version: 2.0

How to enable flash cache for storage pool

Connect to console#

$ ssh [email protected]Warning: Permanently added '192.168.1.x' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.Password:

Check the storage cache status#

Welcome to the Cube ApplianceEnter "help" for a list of available commandsHOSTNAME> storageHOSTNAME:storage> cacheHOSTNAME:cache> statusSTATUS: off

Promote a SSD disk as cache#

HOSTNAME:cache> promote_disk  index          name      size   storage ids--      1      /dev/sdb    238.5G           0 1      2      /dev/sdc    931.5G           2 3--Enter the index to promote: 1

Enable cache#

HOSTNAME:cache> switchCurrent cache status: offTurn on/off the cache(on/off): on

Check the result#

HOSTNAME:cache> statusSTATUS: onUSED    SIZE--0.34    223GiB--
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