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Version: 2.0

Prepare Disk

Story: if you have a failed hard disk and wish to remove it from your storage pool but you cannot unplug hard disk from your node. Without any physical hard disk removal. prepare_disk will remove the hard disk from the storage pool and delete the partitions table, So that it will permanently removed from your storage pool, even you didn't remove the failed hard disk from the server.#

connect to the host#

$ ssh [email protected]Warning: Permanently added '192.168.1.x' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.Password:

remove the disk with CLI storage> prepare_disk#

s3> storages3:storage> prepare_disk  index          name      size   storage ids--      1      /dev/sda    894.3G         21 23      2      /dev/sdb    894.3G         25 27      3      /dev/sdc      3.7T         29 31      4      /dev/sdd      3.7T         33 35      5      /dev/sde      3.7T         36 38      6      /dev/sdf      3.7T         41 42      7      /dev/sdg      3.7T         44 46      8      /dev/sdh      3.7T         48 50      9      /dev/sdi      3.7T         52 54     10      /dev/sdj      3.7T         56 58--Enter the index of disk to be removed: 10Enter 'YES' to confirm: YESRemove disk /dev/sdj successfully.
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