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Version: 2.4

Change the SSD cache flush ratio

This article describes the following topics#

  • Changing the SSD cache ratio to meet your need

Connect to console#

$ ssh [email protected]Warning: Permanently added '192.168.1.x' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.Password:

Change Cache flush ratio rate : storage > cache > set_profile#

controller> storagecontroller:storage> cachecontroller:cache> set_profileSelect profile:1: high-burst (70% burst, 30% cache)2: default (40% burst, 60% cache)3: low-burst (20% burst, 80% cache)Enter index: 1Cache profile 'high-burst' configuredcontroller:cache> statusStatus: onProfile: high-burstUSED    SIZE--0B  216GiB--
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