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Version: 2.0

Create a Incremental backup action

Create a full backup#

Goto Project > Volumes > Volumes, choose the volume from the list and select the CREATE BACKUP from the Actions column.#


Get the Volume ID#

Please navigate to Project > Volumes > Volumes


Enter the Backup Name & Container Name.#


Create action#

Please navigate to Disaster Recovery > Backup & Restore > Actions > + CREATE ACTION

Create an incremental backup action#


Config name, container's name & Volume ID#

  • Action: Backup
  • Mode: Volume
  • Container Name or Path: $PROJECT_$INSTANCE_$TYPE
  • Volume ID: Volume UUID



  • Max Retries: 3
  • Max Retries Interval: 300



Un-Check No Incremental option and SAVE /assets/dr/dr4-1.png

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