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Version: 2.4

Export Instance

How to export a Instance from Cube.COS#

Connect to admin console with SSH#

$ ssh admin@IPADDRESSWarning: Permanently added '192.168.X.X' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.Password:Welcome to the Cube ApplianceEnter "help" for a list of available commandsLicense (type: trial) is valid for 98 dayscontroller>

Export Instance#

controller> imagecontroller:image> export_instance

Select domain:#

1: defaultEnter index: 1

Select tenant:#

1: admin2: bigstackEnter index: 2

Select instance:#

1: WebserverEnter index: 1

Output format#

Is the instance installed apt - qemu-guest-agent?Is a requirement for this operationEnter 'YES' to confirm: YESSelect output format:1: vmdk2: rawEnter index: 1

Select output destination:#

1: usb2: localEnter index: 2

Export in progress#

[13:36:55] fetch Webserver disk information ... done[13:37:02] upload Webserver disk 0 (volume: 92b0808f-ffd3-4639-90eb-dfcc237e6b08) to image repository . done[13:37:19] download uploaded image to file /mnt/cephfs/glance/Webserver-export-ea54737a-20220127-133655-disk0.raw ...[=============================>] 100%[13:37:24] convert to /mnt/cephfs/glance/Webserver-export-ea54737a-20220127-133655-disk0.vmdk ...    (100.00/100%)[13:37:24] delete uploaded image ... doneExporting Webserver complete. It is safe to remove the local image file.
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