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Version: 2.4

Import image(CLI)

Download image#

You can easily download Cloud Images from Our webiste, Go to Downloads

Upload image over SCP or winscp#

scp Ubuntu-22.04-amd64.vmdk root@IPADDRESS:/mnt/cephfs/glance/.

Import image with cli#

Connect to cli with terminal or putty#

$ ssh admin@IPADDRESSWarning: Permanently added '192.168.X.X' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.Password:Welcome to the Cube ApplianceEnter "help" for a list of available commandscontroller>

Import image with local storage#

controller> imagecontroller:image> import1: usb2: localEnter index: 21: ubuntu2204.qcow2Enter index: 1Specify image name: ubuntu2204Select domain:1: defaultEnter index: 1Select tenant:1: adminEnter index: 1Visibility:1: public2: privateEnter index: 1Importing...[10:58:57] Converting image to RAW format ...    (100.00/100%)[10:59:00] Calculating RAW image checksum ... 5d971e656e3fdac6b27650c13c953d14 (MD5)[10:59:21] Creating image ubuntu2204 ...[11:00:25] Validating checksum: OKImporting ubuntu2204 complete. It is safe to remove the local image file

Migration from VMware/Hyper-V images#

  • Note: for VMware/Hyper-V images please use import_ide intead of import for optimized configuration
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