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Version: 2.4

Network offload Guide

Network Configuration recommendation#

  • IF.1 with 1Gbps & internet access
  • overlay.100 with two 10Gbps network bonding and VLAN Tag: 100
  • data0.101 with two 10Gbps network bonding and VLAN Tag: 101
  • data1.102 with two 10Gbps network bonding and VLAN Tag: 102
  • provider interface shouldn't use any VLAN Tag, please use the bonding or interface name

Interface configuration on Roles#

Specify external IP/domain [optional]:Specify management interface: IF.1Specify provider interface: IF.1Specify overlay interface: overlay.100Specify storage interface [frontend(,backend)]: data0.101,data1.102Specify region ("RegionOne"):Specify cluster secret seed: bigstackSpecify management CIDR (""):


  • management interface: an interface give you access to Cube.COS management Web interface, CLI & root shell
  • provider interface: an interface which comes with internet connection
  • overlay interface: an interface for Software-Defined-Network(SDN), network virtualization
  • storage interface(frontend): an interface for IAAS connection, read/write data over Software-Defined-Storage(SDS)
  • storage interface(backend): a sperated interface for Data replication of Software-Defined-Storage(SDS)
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