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Version: 2.4

Controller HA configuration

Get started#

This configuration apply to role:#

  • storage

Setting Roles#

Please use the Virtual hostname and Virtual IP address on the controller

  • Specify controller controller: controller
  • Specify controller IP:
- Change Role -Select a role:1: control2: compute3: storage4: control-converged5: edge-core6: moderatorEnter index: 4Specify controller controller: controllerSpecify controller IP: management interface: IF.1Specify storage interface [frontend(,backend)]: IF.1Specify region ("RegionOne"):Specify cluster secret seed: bigstack
-- Cube Role --Current role: storageCurrent Controller: controller( Management: IF.1Current Storage: IF.1Current Domain/Region: default/RegionOneCurrent Cube Secret Seed: bigstack1: Change rolex: Exitp: Previous screenn: Next screen
Select option: n

Setting HA#

-- Cube High Availability --Current HA setting: disabled1: Change HAx: Exitp: Previous screenn: Next screen
Select option: 1
- Change HA -High Availabile Cube:1: Yes2: NoEnter index: 1Specify control group hostname [HOST,HOST,...]: control01,control02,control03Specify control group address [IP,IP,...]:,,
-- Cube High Availability --Current HA setting: enabledCurrent Control Group:control01(,control02(,control03( Change HAx: Exitp: Previous screenn: Next screen
Select option: n


Password has not been modified.Host name: storage01IF.1    Default interface.    IPv4 Mode:  Manual    IPv4 Address:    IPv4 Netmask:    IPv4 Gateway:    IPv6 Mode:  AutomaticIF.2    Interface disabledIF.3    Interface disabledIF.4    Interface disabledDNS server 1: Zone: Asia/TaipeiDate: 12/02/2020Time: 13:54:19Role: storageController: controller( IF.1Storage: IF.1Domain/Region: default/RegionOneCube Secret Seed: bigstackHigh Availability: enabledControl Group:control01(,control02(,control03(
1: Accept the configuration2: Cancel the configuration3: Modify the configuration
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