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Version: 2.4

Add OpenLDAP as User Federation

  1. Please navigate to User Federation and choose ldap from the providers


  2. Please follow the image show below to complete the configuration for OpenLDAP

    • Edit Mode : Writeable
    • Vendor : Other
    • Connection URL : ldap://openldap
    • Users DN : ou=People,your base DN
    • Authentication Type : simple
    • Bind DN : cn=admin,your base DN
    • Bind Credential : your chosen admin password


  3. Setting the Mappers


  4. For each of the following mappers, click the name, and set the "Read Only" flag to "Off" (this enables 2-way sync between KeyCloak and OpenLDAP)

    • last name
    • username
    • email
    • first name


  5. After Mapping is done, try login with OpenLDAP username & password.

  6. Then try to login into infrastructure. Once you are logged, you are a member of Project admin

  7. Please tell your administrator to assign you the roles & project's priviledge after you logged.

  8. After administrator has assign you on the project with Identity, you will able to manage your VMs in your project.

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