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Version: 2.4

Compute node (HCI) removal Guide

Remove Compute node from cluster#

Stop the compute host#

Goto Admin > Compute > All Hypervisors and click Compute host tab. Look for the hostname you wish to remove and click on button DISABLE SERVICE


Disable service#

Leave a reason and click DISABLE SERVICE /assets/maintenances/02-disable-1.png

Service Disabled#

Make sure the service is disabled /assets/maintenances/03-disable-1.png

Migrate Instances from disabled host#

Goto Admin > Compute > Instances, look for the instances which is hosted on DISABLED Host and start the LIVE MIGRATE INSTANCE from the action menu


Allocate the instance to new host#

You can choose a preferred host to migrate or Automatically and SUBMIT /assets/maintenances/05-live-migrate-1.png

All instances has been migrated#

Repeat the steps and migrate the rest of the Instances


Connect to control node#

$ ssh [email protected]Warning: Permanently added '192.168.1.x' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.Password:

Remove the compute node#

control01> clustercontrol01:cluster> remove_node1: compute012: compute023: compute03Enter index: 3this command is only applicable for compute or storage nodesmake sure its running instances have been properly terminated or migratedshutdown the target host before proceedingEnter 'YES' to confirm: YES


Goto Admin > Compute > All Hypervisors and click Compute host tab. Host compute03 has been removed from the Cluster


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