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Version: 2.4

Restore Control node with snapshot

This guide apply to roles:#

  • control
  • control-converged
  • edge-core
  • moderator

[Control-converged] Remove disk#

This action is required if only the role node is control-converged, we need to remove the osd from the storage pool when the node is removed

control1:storage> remove_disk  index          name      size   storage ids--      1      /dev/sdb    238.5G           0 1      2      /dev/sdc    273.4G           2 3--Enter the index of disk to be removed: 1Enter 'YES' to confirm: YESRemove disk /dev/sdb successfully.control1:storage> remove_disk  index          name      size   storage ids--      1      /dev/sdc    273.4G           2 3--Enter the index of disk to be removed: 1Enter 'YES' to confirm: YESRemove disk /dev/sdc successfully.

Replace a new node#

Choose Advanced option#

First Time Setup Options:1: Wizard2: AdvancedEnter index: 2

[Optional] For Control node#

Welcome to the Cube ApplianceEnter "help" for a list of available commandsunconfigured> firstunconfigured:first> control_rejoinSet or clear control rejoin flag?1: set2: clearEnter index: 1Control rejoin markers set

Pull snapshot from media#

unconfigured> snapshotunconfigured:snapshot> pullSelect a media:1: usb2: nfsEnter index: 1Insert a USB drive into the USB port on the appliance.Enter 'YES' to confirm: YES1: CUBE_2.0.0_20201208-130432.765318_control1.snapshotEnter index: 1Copying...Automatically generated on 2020-12-08 13:04:32Copy complete. It is safe to remove the USB drive.

Apply the setting#

unconfigured:snapshot> apply1: CUBE_2.0.0_20201208-054308.133092_unconfigured.snapshot2: CUBE_2.0.0_20201208-130432.765318_control1.snapshotEnter index: 2Automatically generated on 2020-12-08 13:04:32Date/Time is important for applying changes to an unconfigured box.Please confirm the current time is good.
  * Local Time: 12/08/2020 00:46:58 EST
Enter 'YES' to confirm: YESPolicy snapshot file applied

Re-log as admin#

unconfigured:snapshot> exitcontrol1 Login: adminPassword:Welcome to the Cube ApplianceEnter "help" for a list of available commandsNotice: your license will expire in 29 days.        Please contact system administrator to renew the license.control1>

Enable manual boot#

control1:boot_mode> manualSwitch to manual bootstrap mode:1: one-time manual2: always manualEnter index: 1Enter 'YES' to confirm: YESExit current CLI and log in again as admin to see changes in effect

Exit Admin CLI and relog#

control1:boot_mode> exit# su adminWelcome to the Cube ApplianceEnter "help" for a list of available commandsLicense (type: trial) is valid for 102 dayscontrol1>

Cluster Sync#

control1> boot cluster_sync(1/9) processing: ceph(2/9) processing: keystone(3/9) processing: neutron(4/9) processing: nova(5/9) processing: cinder(6/9) processing: manila(7/9) processing: octavia(8/9) processing: haproxy(9/9) processing: telegrafcluster_sync successfully

Check and Repair services#

control1> cluster check_repair          Service  Status  Report      ClusterLink      ok  [ link(v) clock(v) dns(v) ]       ClusterSys      ok  [ bootstrap(v) license(v) ]  ClusterSettings      ok  [ etcd(v) ]        HaCluster  FIXING  [ hacluster(3) ]                       ok  [ hacluster(f) ]         MsgQueue      ok  [ rabbitmq(v) ]           IaasDb      ok  [ mysql(v) ]        VirtualIp      ok  [ vip(v) haproxy_ha(v) ]          Storage      ok  [ ceph(v) ceph_mon(v) ceph_mgr(v) ceph_mds(v) ceph_osd(v) ceph_rgw(v) rbd_target(v) ]       ApiService      ok  [ haproxy(v) httpd(v) lmi(v) memcache(v) ]     SingleSignOn      ok  [ keycloak(v) ]          Compute  FIXING  [ nova(8) ]                       ok  [ nova(f) ]        Baremetal      ok  [ ironic(v) ]          Network  FIXING  [ neutron(3) ]                       ok  [ neutron(f) ]            Image      ok  [ glance(v) ]        BlockStor      ok  [ cinder(v) ]         FileStor      ok  [ manila(v) ]       ObjectStor      ok  [ swift(v) ]    Orchestration      ok  [ heat(v) ]            LBaaS      ok  [ octavia(v) ]           DNSaaS      ok  [ designate(v) ]           K8SaaS      ok  [ k3s(v) rancher(v) ]       InstanceHa      ok  [ masakari(v) ]    BusinessLogic      ok  [ senlin(v) watcher(v) ]         DataPipe      ok  [ zookeeper(v) kafka(v) ]          Metrics      ok  [ monasca(v) telegraf(v) grafana(v) ]     LogAnalytics      ok  [ filebeat(v) auditbeat(v) logstash(v) es(v) kibana(v) ]    Notifications      ok  [ influxdb(v) kapacitor(v) ]
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