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Version: 2.4

How do I retrieve my Windows admin password after launching an instance?

Important: add key pair to Windows instance#

It's a requirement to add a keypair to Windows instances#


To retrieve the password in Horizon, select Retrieve Password from the instance dropdown menu:#


Paste your Private key and click on Decrypt Password#


The password has been revealed - fOYbUpHlgjzA7e73p0tH#


Connect to the instance using#

make sure you had added allow 3389 rules to the security groups

  • Win/Mac - Windows Remote Desktop(RDP)
  • Linux - Remmina /assets/compute/images/keypair5-1.png

Username : admin, Password : fOYbUpHlgjzA7e73p0tH(Decrypted from private key)#

/assets/compute/images/keypair6-1b.png /assets/compute/images/keypair7-1.png


  • Account : Admin, You need to boot your instance with a SSH keypair this is the secure and proper way to set passwords in Windows instances is by letting Cloudbase-Init generate a random password and post it encrypted on the Nova metadata service.
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