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Version: 2.4

How do I set my Windows administrator password?

Select and click on your instance name#


change to console tab and click OK to begin password setting#


Set the password#


Password is set#


Login into Windows on console#

Additional you can connect with Windows Remote Desktop(RDP), make sure you had added allow 3389 rules to the security groups /assets/compute/images/change-pass-05.jpg


  • Account : Administrator is require you to set the password over console whenever you launch the instance

Cloud-init script#


Create new user with preferred password and disable admin/administrator account#

#cloud-configusers:  -    name: Cloud-user    primary_group: administrators    groups: administrators    passwd: YOURPASSWORDHERE    inactive: Falseruncmd:  - "net user administrator /active:no"  - "net user admin /active:no"  - "shutdown -r"

Login with Cloud-user#


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