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Version: 2.4

Create a Volume Transfer to another Project

  1. Goto Current Project > Volumes > Volumes, choose the volume from the list you wish to transfer and select the EDIT VOLUME from the Actions column and rename it.


  2. Enter a Volume Name & Submit.


  3. Goto Project > Compute > Instances, Make sure the Instance is Shutoff


  4. Delete the instance


  5. Go back to Project > Volumes > Volumes, choose the volume and select Create Transfer from the Actions column.

    /assets/volumes/t5.png /assets/volumes/t6.png

  6. Download the transfer credentials and close the windows.


  7. The Volume is ready to be transferred.


  8. Switch to New Project, Goto Project > Volumes > Volumes, Click on Accept Transfer


  9. Input the Transfer ID & Authorization Key to accept the volume transfer


  10. Now you can use the transferred volume launch as an Instance


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